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M & J Chemicals C.C has been providing service excellence for over twenty years. M & J Chemicals C.C is an affirmative action employer with a BEE rating of Level 1 and offers equal employment opportunities to all employees. Since its establishment in 1994, M & J Chemicals C.C has been committed to the people, by providing quality and delivering of specialised requirements.

M & J Chemicals C.C has a proven track record that was accomplished through sacrifice and sustained development. M & J Chemicals C.C and its motivated staff are highly organized and greatly resourced with sound work ethics.

M & J Chemicals C.C is registered in respect of: U.I.F., Workman’s Compensation Fund, VAT, Bargaining Council, Public Liability Insurance cover and the SESSA Skills Development Foundation. M & J Chemicals C.C also features on the National Database.

M & J Chemicals C.C believes in goodwill and generosity, healing and helping, caring and sharing. As part of M & J Chemicals C.C social responsibility, the company distributes food hampers to indigent families of all religious and racial groups in the community.

M & J Chemicals C.C is an affirmative action employer with a BEE rating of Level 1 that manufactures domestic and industrial chemicals and household detergents; cleans educational, domestic, industrial, commercial and hospitality institutions; and are experts in gardening services and landscaping, renovations and carpet cleaning, pest control and hygiene services.

M & J Chemicals C.C has set a bench mark of high standard of cleaning services. The company also manufactures its own high standard chemicals and is a supplier of SABS approved chemicals.

To ensure that M & J Chemicals C.C, shall consistently over short space of time meet and maintain the requirements of National Standards for cleanliness at your institution.

The outcome-based cleanliness standards have been developed using current best practice within the NHS.

The outcome based standards offer:

  • Tourists and customer focus
  • Clarity for management staff and service providers
  • An effective aid to management
  • Consistency with infection control standards and requirements.
  • Clear outcome statements, which can be used as benchmarks and output indicators.


Labour Force

M & J Chemicals C.C recruits staff members very carefully to meet and sustain the high standard of service delivery and as such any task performed by these employees is of a very high standard. All personnel employed by M&J Chemicals have to undergo medical fitness examination and also security clearance. Regular capacity building, team building and training workshops are conducted to ensure that M & J Chemicals C.C provide a winning team.


M & J Chemicals C.C prioritises supervision as a key function mechanism of the company to effectively implement its vision and mission. M & J Chemicals C.C employs supervisors on every site and has managers to oversee such supervisors. These individuals are skilled in supervision, management and communication. The supervisor on site will be in contact with the manager of the institution as well as the manager of M and J Chemicals C.C.

Problem solving is a key element for the supervisor to motivate and carry out the function effectively and efficiently. The company appointed members to liaise with authorised personnel of the institution before any contract work is executed; this is done at all sites that the company operates on.

First Aid

M & J Chemicals C.C has professional first aid personnel with a vast experience in paramedics. M & J Chemicals C.C has are first aid kits available on all of its vehicles. M & J Chemicals C.C intends to have its own General Medical Practitioner in the future to provide specialised medical care for its workforce.


M & J Chemicals C.C is affiliated to the following organizations:

  1. Black Economic Empowerment Cleaning Association (BEECA)
  2. SESSA Skills training
  3. Department of Labour – also registered for Unemployment Insurance Fund and Workmen’s Compensation
  4. Bargaining Council – also registered for Provident Fund and Family Medical Crisis Plan


Modus Operandi

Tasks are executed by uniformed and specialized workers provided with a detailed job description and daily roster. Schedules and checklists are implemented. The work is strictly supervised and monitored regularly. Performance of each worker is tracked and audited regularly. Quality assurance is enforced. Interactive meetings with progress reports and follow up exercises are held to ensure collective effort and a sense of synergy. Interaction between the school community and us is encouraged to enhance communication, co-operation and outstanding service delivery.

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